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ST Cooling Spray Technolgoies Co., Ltd
Address: #2, South 5th Street, Shaputou Industrial Park, Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong , China.
Contact Person: Miss yolanda
Mob: 0086-15989694755
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Company Profile

ST Cooling Spray Technologies Co., LTD has been involved in the production of cool misting system and spraying nozzles for many years. We are fine fogging system and spraying nozzles manufacturer in China.


Our purpose is that not only let our customer use our items, but also to approve us. We will be appreciated every customer like you!


Our high pressure misting systems , fine mist fogging nozzles have been widely used in China mainland , USA, Iran, Moxico, Italy, France ,and other countries.Fine Misting system contains high pressure fog machine, high pressure tube, connectors, fittings, mist nozzles. Misting systems create beautiful landscape and bring us a cool summer. Fine misting fog systems also could be used to dust removal and disinfection in husbandry.


Our industrial spraying nozzles includes air atomizing nozzles, flat fan spraying nozzles, cone spraying nozzles, Eductors, wind jet nozzles, tank cleaning nozzle, washer nozzles, metal industrial spray nozzles, plastic nozzles and so on,Almost every field could use these spray nozzles. We hope that our spray nozzles could bring every one easy and comfortable life.


We have profession worker to produce the fogger, mist system, high pressure fog machine, pump and spray nozzles. Our proffesion QC department will control the quality of the misting system, nozzles, and fog machine.And Our Test Department will test the nozzles, fog machines, fitting and other kits before we send the items to our customers.


After-sale Service Department will provide you quick and proffesion methods to solve your kinds of problem with our Fine misting systems, mist nozzles, connectors, fog machine, industrial spraying nozzles and so on. Your satisfaction is our highest of pursuits!

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