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FS Oil Fuel Nozzle

Oil Fuel Nozzle

Model No.: FS

Thread size: 9/16
Material: SS

Media of Liquid: : Oil, Water
Spray Angle: 30degree, 60degree, 80degree
Spray Pattern:S ; solid ; H hollow ;B semi-solid
Working Pressure : low pressure, under 3bar pressure

Product Details

Basic Information of Burner Nozzle ,Mist Nozzle ,Oil Fuel Nozzle is as below:
Thread size: 9/16
Material: Brass
Media of Liquid: : Oil, Water
Spray Angle: 30degree, 60degree, 80degree
Spray Pattern:S ; solid ; H hollow ;B semi-solid
Working Pressure : low pressure, under 3bar pressure


Following is the flow Rate of Hago Oil Fuel Nozzle, Oil Nozzle:


Followig pics are the spray pattern of Oil Burnner Nozzles and Oil Fuel nozzles:

Oil Fuel Nozzle


 Typical Applications Of  Fine Spray Oil Fuel Nozzle,Burner Nozzle:
 Oil burnner ; low pressure fog generation; humidification; cooling; greenhouse, etc.


Follow Information you have to provide when you Place An Order of our oil fuel nozzles:
(1) Flow Rate         Such as, 2.5 USgal/Hour
(2) Spray Angle       Such as, 60 degree
(3) Spray Pattern     Such as, Solid


Perfect fog effect of our Fine Fuel Oil Nozzle,Burner Nozzle,Oil Fuel Nozzles
In order to ensure the each parameter, such as flow rate, angle, fog pattern could achieve a perfect fog effect.


The same specification of the oil fuel nozzle has same parameter.

The design and manufacture process of fog cone and atomizing disc is important.

For example, the atomizing hole of oil fuel nozzle's atomizing disc is not a simple rounded hole.

To  achieve the ideal atomizing pattern and accurate atomizing angle, we have take some special processing methods for the inlet and outlet.

Function for oil burner nozzleExpect the above parameters, oil burner nozzle has providential oil drops' diameter and Rate.

All these make a contribution to our perfect atomizing effect, which is the precondition for a efficient burning.


Environment friendly burning
oil fuel nozzle With perfect atomizing features  pays attention to protect the environment.
ST Company advice you that you can change your nozzle every year, so that the oil fuel nozzle is in the best working condition .In this way , you can reduce your fuel waste and your maintenance  cost.



Trouble-free replacement

Our oil fuel nozzles assure the all parameters of the same specifications, such as, atomizing flow rate, atomizing angle and atomizing pattern are in accordance.Exchanging the fuel nozzle every year not only can reduce the fuel waste but also reduce the environmental population.
ST Cooling Spray Technologies Co., LTD offers the full range of spray nozzles to meet your different
requirements and applications.Most families use the nozzles,which can be mounted on a common burner on the market.
Recently, we have made some of the series of nozzles improved, and make it more applicable to modern small-scale burner.
At the same time, Oil nozzle with flow rate bellow 1.75USgal/h reach the standard of CEN. This nozzle is not only mark
the current nominal, but also atomization flow, spray angle and spray mode. This kind of nozzle can minimize the
emission of smoke when the burner starts and stops.This series of nozzle can significantly reduce the emission of exhaust gas.

How to choose the oil fuel nozzle   ?
ST Cooling Spray Technologies Co., LTD 's fuel spray nozzle's three basic atomizing patterns can satisfy different applications: S ; solid ; H hollow ;B semi-solid


Detailed Pics:

oil fuel nozzles

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