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Sprar Nozzle

Flat Fan Spray Nozzle
According to spray angle to sort flat fan spray nozzles, we have narrow angle flat fan spraying nozzle,standard spray angle fan spray nozzle,wide angle flat spraying nozzle. Every type flat fan spray nozzle has different thread size , different flow rate and different appearance. We believe that you could find the suitable one you need here.

Full Cone Spray Nozzles
Wondering how much full cone spray nozzle cost? We can provide you with the most competitive spraying nozzles, full cone spray nozzle. For specification data of spraying nozzles, pls call us or email us to get it.

Hollow Cone Spray Nozzles
We believe our hollow cone spray nozzle and service will not let you disappointed. Most of Hollow cone nozzles are designed with 90 degree appearance. Spray nozzle manufactured by our company can provide wide usage and convenient life.

SPJT Spiral Nozzles
Spiral nozzles have kinds of material, such as stainless steel, PP, PVDF. Which kind of material is your need? We are well-known SPJT spiral nozzles producer for the best service and competitive price in spiral nozzle spray industry.

Wind Jet Nozzles
Wind Jet nozzle feasures a high impact and flat fan distribution of compressed air.We not only provide high quality wind jet air nozzles, but also provide professional services.Its material is available in durable plastic,alumilum alloy, and stainless steel.

Air Shower Nozzle
Air shower nozzle is designed with special structure for use in air shower room or air shower channel.The wind ball can be adjusted direction with large Angle. Air shower nozzles could tolerate large capacity of wind for a long time and its wind speed is 25 m/s. This speed can quickly blow away and the dust on the surface of the object.

Eductor mixing nozzle
We are a large exporter of Eductor mixing nozzles in China.Our company wish to build long business relationship with customers who are interested in our eductor nozzle. Our Eductor mixing nozzles have high quality and excellent performance.For more data, pls contact us freely at any time.

Tank Washing Nozzles
With rich experience in the production of industrial tank washing nozzles, we can design and manufacture tank washing nozzles, spraying nozzles according to customers' requirement. We have fixed and rotated type tank washing nozzles for your choosing.

Adjustable Spray Nozzles
You could adjuste the adjustable spray nozzles' spray direction through change the nozzle tip's spray direction. The material is available to stainless steel, plastic.Usually adjustable spray nozzles are used to spray water for cleaning, paint coating and so on.

Air Atomizing Nozzles
As a professional China manufacturer of air atomizing nozzles, we have advanced equipment and a professional engineering team to serve for your atomizing spray nozzle orders. We manufacture a wide range of atomizing spray nozzle with reasonable price to customers from all over the world. Our air atomizing nozzles have pressure type and siphon type, flat fan spray type, full cone spray type. Pls tell us which type and spray pattern of the atomizing spray nozzle you need, so that we could suggest the suitable one for your reference.

Oil Fuel Nozzle
Our company offers a high quality of oil nozzles with competitive price. Oil fuel nozzle is widely installed in oil burners to spray oil with fine mist. We also could use oil nozzles to spray water mist in other places, such as chicken farm to humidify or remove odor.

Spraying Nozzles Accessories
As you know, there are many kinds of spraying nozzles accessories, sucha as adjustable ball base, split eyelet connectors. More infomations, pls scan our website or contact us!
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