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Mist Nozzle

 High pressure Mist Nozzles
Through high pressure created by high pressure fog machine, fine mist nozzles bring us cool living situation,beatutiful landscape and get rid of insect,such as mosquitos.High pressure Mist Nozzles could bear high pressure,and spray mist withtou leaking water.

FJ High Pressure Dense Fog System
You want to use a much more dense fog system than normal misting system we used. This fog system should produce dense fog to creat beautiful landscap in park, garden,zoos. FJ high pressure dense fog system is a smart choice. The mist coming from FJ ruby nozzle's orifice crashes the nozzle's pin, then creates dense fog system could bring customers with wonderland.

Low Pressure Fog Misting System
We designs and offers quality low pressure misting system and OEM is also available. Warmly welcome customers to visit our factory and inspect . Low pressure fogging system are made from low pressure brass misting nozzles, low pressure tube and plastic slip lock fittings. It could spray fine mist under 3bar or more.

Brass Threaded Fittings
The PE tube and fine misting nozzles are connected together through brass compression fittings. Brass threaded fittings play a big role in fine misting system.

Quick Coupling Fittings for  SS /Brass Tube
This kind of quick coupling fittins are desighed specially for SS tube or brass tube. Its unique design keeps fittings not falling off from SS and brass tube.

Quick Coupling Fittings for  PE /Nylone Tube
Are you seeking misting kits which are easy to be installed for a new users? Quick coupling fittings are a good choice. But pls plug the tube into the slip lock fittings to right place, so that the water will not leak from misting kits.

Misting Kits
Other misting kits meet customers' various demand. Try to find nozzle extension,multi nozzle holder, fog rings, clamps ,shut-off valve ? All of them are waiting for you here.
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