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When considering importing spray nozzles from China, our company stands as your ideal partner. As a dedicated spray nozzle manufacturer, we are committed to providing excellent service and products to meet the import needs of our international customer.
Here's what we can offer:
1. Comprehensive Industry Knowledge
2. Manufacturing Expertise
3.Flexible Production Capacity
4. Timely Delivery
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About us

If you're looking to import spray nozzles for your business, exploring the Chinese market is a strategic move. With a history of quality manufacturing and a commitment to innovation, ST Cooling Spray Tech. can be your source for reliable and cost-effective spray nozzle solutions. Embrace the opportunity and unlock the potential of importing from China to meet your industrial needs.

Our product line is the result of decades working in plants like yours.
These characteristics make industrial water spray nozzles and misting nozzles valuable tools for various industrial and commercial applications.
Variable Flow Control
Adjustable flow control allows users to tailor the output to their specific requirements.
Both types of nozzles are designed to efficiently distribute liquids, whether it's water for cooling or a fine mist for humidification, while minimizing water wastage.
Uniform Distribution
They are engineered to provide uniform liquid distribution across the targeted area, ensuring consistent coverage.
Easy Maintenance
Nozzles are designed for easy maintenance, with features like clog-resistant designs that reduce downtime.
ST's Services are always Go Extra Mile
Save you time on spray nozzle purchases. We know time is money.
Our goal is to be the reliable manufacturer behind you.
Our consultants will keep you informed about the progress of the order until you receive the goods and get your feedback.

Customization Services
Customization Services
We provide tailored options for unique requirements with Custom-made nozzle solutions.

Comprehensive Quality System
Comprehensive Quality System
Supervision of raw material procurement, production process control, 100% finished product testing, and a complete process parameter monitoring system.

Competitive Price
Competitive Price
Continued investment in research and development, process optimization, and highly automated application

Prompt Customer Support
Prompt Customer Support
ST offers responsive customer support, making it convenient for our customers to acc
17+ Years of Manufacturing Experience
Rigorous Quality Testing
Timely Delivery
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At ST Cooling Spray, we live and breathe in manufacturing technology. Our company has dedicated itself to the pursuit of excellence in fluid dynamics and spray technology. With a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we provide nozzle solutions to a diverse range of industries worldwide.

ST's product range is versatile and caters to a wide range of industries and applications. This adaptability allows customers to find suitable nozzle solutions regardless of their specific sector or requirements.

ST Cooling Spray is your trusted partner for high-performance industrial water spray nozzles and mist fogging nozzles,including flat fan spray nozzles, windjet nozzles,tank washing nozzles ,spiral nozzles,full cone spray nozzles, SPJT spiral nozzles,Clap spray nozzle, Air Shower Nozzles, Air Atomizing Nozzles, Eductor Mixing Nozzles,Adjustable spray nozzles,plastic nozzles, high pressure misting systems, high pressure mist nozzles, low pressure fog misting nozzles, misting kits and so on.

We have our own R&D team and strong production capacity to provide OEM service for 350+ customers.

Read more about us, and contact us today to ask a question or request a quote on nozzles for your business.

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